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Vision Plan

Springing from Dearborn’s Master Plan, the Downtown Dearborn Strategic Plan and Branding Dearborn initiative that developed a cohesive message and vision for the city, the Dearborn Downtown Development Authorities (DDDA) are further defining how that vision applies specifically to Downtown Dearborn physically, socially, economically and environmentally from east to west and in between. Since 2020, a Downtown Vision Plan has been in development which re-engaged key stakeholders from the previous two planning initiatives (Strategic Plan and Branding), as well as new community-wide input. This Vision Plan brings together goals from previous planning efforts, the Strategic Plan, the vision from the branding plan, the memorandum of understanding and other studies for a unified vision that further grounds a 20-year strategy for Downtown Dearborn. 

Downtown Dearborn is where cosmopolitan meets community: Access all the amenities of big city life — without sacrificing a sense of belonging. It’s a cohesive community with next-gen appeal, enriched by walkable public spaces, cultural vitality and innovative retail diversity. A scaled-down-yet-still-urban destination defined by talent, drive and diversity. As one of the most desirable cities in the United States to live and top regional destinations to visit and work, it is truly a place that locals are proud to call home and hub of activity where everyone is welcomed and included to celebrate in its rich tapestry of cultures, ideas, foods, festivities, education, recreation, tourist attractions, arts and history. Keep your cosmopolitan outlook. Cherish your community traditions. If that’s the balance you’re after as you set out to make your mark in the world, then Dearborn is where you’ll find it.

Downtown Dearborn will:

  • Feature an attractive mix of well maintained historic and new buildings and quality public realm that create an authentic vibe.
  • Bridge the gap to unite the two downtowns and their historic attributes across the physical, social, and psychological barriers that have divided them.
  • Showcase diverse cultural, historic, artistic amenities as a destination for tourists, students, and residents. 
  • Provide green, open, and active places for the public to connect, congregate, and recreate.
  • Provide a safe, walkable environment that emphasizes people over cars. 
  • Build economic access and capacity to adapt and grow from market changes while minimizing environmental impacts.
  • Present a vibrant, livable center with a variety of housing options and amenities.
  • Attract top talent, cultivating innovative, experiential businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The draft plan is now available for review, and a final adopted plan is expected in early 2023.

Vision Plan Draft

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