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What’s happening? What’s being talked about? What’s shaping our public image regionally and nationwide? Find out.

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Exciting things happening in Dearborn

The Dearborn Brand

In early 2016, the East and West Downtown Dearborn Associations (DDAs) completed a strategic planning framework for Downtown Dearborn. Its key goals were to develop a cohesive main street, Michigan Avenue, as well as to increase the regional destination appeal of Downtown Dearborn. In addition to transforming the city’s physical environment, the plan called for developing a brand story for Dearborn that would increase the city’s overall appeal and perceived value to residents, business owners, visitors, students and others. The brand development effort for Dearborn commenced in summer 2018. Key brand elements were ready for public introduction by fall 2019.

Download the Brand Guide
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Branding Assets

For the logo, patterns and additional assets, please contact the DDDA. We will be adding more downloads in the near future.