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Wanted: Enthusiastic helpers for exciting events and important projects happening year-round.

Donate Your Time and Talent

Join with other businesses, property owners, residents, community organizations and key stakeholders throughout Dearborn to advance the ongoing transformation of our downtowns and districts. Enhance our image. Strengthen our infrastructure. Attract fresh faces. Boost diverse, innovative retailing. Foster a shared sense of community.

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DDA committees address core issues including design, economic vitality, promotion and more.

Promotions & Organizations

There are a lot of great initiatives, events and more happening in Downtown Dearborn. This group is integral in developing, communicating and executing projects and programs to bring positive visibility to Downtown Dearborn and its businesses, including:

  • Building the Dearborn brand
  • Marketing  & Advertising: Media Partnerships, Tourism Advertising, Social Media/Digital Advertising & Advocacy
  • Public Events & Festivities
  • Networking & Community Engagement
  • Forming Volunteer Teams
  • Engaging Youth

Design & Economic Vitality

This committee is focused on addressing relevant issues in Downtown Dearborn that drive economic engagement and growth, including:

  • Mobility: Bike Share, Bike Facilities, MMTP Plan, Inter-City Shuttle
  • Beautification: Streetscape Improvements & Amenities, Adopt a Tree Well, Landscape Enhancements, Banners & District  Identification, Holiday Lighting & Decor, Facade Improvement Program
  • Placemaking: Art Installations  & Programming, Open Spaces, Parks & Community Gathering Enhancements,
  • Dog Friendly Amenities
  • Business Development: Business Location Incentives, Entrepreneur Ecosystem, Farmers Market Facility
  • Smart City: Lighting & Tech Improvements

Downtown Dearborn Steering Committee

The Downtown Dearborn Steering Committee is focused on building a vibrant downtown community made of neighborhoods, businesses and individuals, where all are invited and welcomed to celebrate a rich tapestry of cultures, ideas, food, art and history in a unique, inclusive environment. Their initiatives include supporting Downtown Dearborn to be a multi-mobile, vital, regional destination for business innovators that offers attractions for all ages and tastes.

Advisory Committees

  • Branding – focused on expanding the Downtown Dearborn brand message and reach.
  • Restaurant Week – focused on organizing and promoting Dearborn Restaurant Week.
  • Farmers Market – focused on the future growth of the Dearborn Farmers & Artisan Market.
  • Street Team – focused on distributing literature about events and activities to Dearborn businesses.
  • Bike Share/Mobility – focused on promoting, planning and assuring the expansion of the bike share system.

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