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Our Community

Access all the amenities of big city life — without sacrificing a sense of belonging. Dearborn is fulfilling its vision of being one of the most desirable cities in the United States to live and a top regional destination to visit and work.

Downtown Dearborn

Dearborn is a cohesive community with a rich cultural tapestry where everyone is welcomed. Defined by talent, drive and diversity, Dearborn is rich in next-gen appeal enriched by walkable public spaces, cultural vitality and innovative retail diversity.

Why Dearborn

Looking for the perfect combination of city life energy and community belonging as you set out to make your mark in the world? Then Dearborn is where you’ll find it.

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Looking Ahead

When Dearborn residents talk about the city they’d like to live in, they talk about a Dearborn that benefits from its strong connections to other places via auto, rail and air. Dearborn residents see vibrant neighborhoods and lively downtowns — yet also largely free of traffic due to smart mobility solutions. They picture a Dearborn that is a talent magnet of the first order. To create a pipeline for that talent, their vision for Dearborn includes the kind of diverse, responsive education from kindergarten through college that fosters success in a 21st century economy. And they imagine a Dearborn that is a role model for diversity as a driver of success.

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Our History

Dearborn’s roots extend from 18th century European farmsteads along the Rouge River and the Sauk Trail, a thoroughfare that linked many Native nations. Over the two-plus centuries since then, emigrants from many nations shaped the city into a major industrial center and helped Henry Ford to make Dearborn into an auto manufacturing powerhouse. Dearborn continues to evolve today as a thriving city with a diversifying economic base.

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