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Redevelopment Ready Communities

The Redevelopment Ready Communities® (RRC) program is available to communities across the state. It’s a voluntary, no-cost certification program designed to promote effective redevelopment strategies through a set of best practices. The program measures and then certifies communities that integrate transparency, predictability and efficiency into their daily development practices. The RRC certification is a formal recognition that your community has a vision for the future – and the fundamental practices in place to get there.Dearborn is RRC certified. The MEDC finds value in supporting place-based businesses located in certified Redevelopment Ready Communities® and Michigan Main Street districts, given the local capacity that has been built to support new and existing small businesses through the technical assistance, training, and education communities gain by participating in these programs. The grant applicant –which is the local entity applying on behalf of the small business seeking grant support – must represent a community that is a certified Redevelopment Ready Community® or is a select or master level Michigan Main Street Community.

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