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Higher learning, natural environments and an evolving mixed-use community come together.


The University of Michigan-Dearborn, together with the nearby two-year Henry Ford College, make Dearborn a prestigious magnet for some of the region’s finest academics. Nearby, Fairlane Town Center, a major regional shopping, dining and entertainment hub, is preparing for a new generation of residential and office residents and a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly way of life. Ever present, more than 70 acres of preserved natural areas in and around the restored River Rouge make a pleasing setting for study, strolling, cycling or a visit to Henry Ford’s original estate.

Dearborn Districts

World-Class Meets Right-Sized

Each of Dearborn’s eight districts has a destination-worthy character all its own.

Getting Around

Plenty of transportation options make all of Dearborn accessible, no matter where you’re coming from or how you arrive.
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Get Involved

Connect with others who share a passion for making Dearborn even better.

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Learn more about what’s going on in the University-Fairlane District as well as Dearborn in general.

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