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The Arabic word for “marketplace” is a fitting name for this renowned Dearborn district.


Frequented by locals of all backgrounds, Souk is a magnet for people from throughout the region and beyond who are attracted to the range and quality of the foods, specialty goods and services its offers. The unique, Middle East-inspired storefronts, signage and furnishings along the district’s main thoroughfares send an unmistakable invitation to come and explore. Beyond shopping, Souk is a superb place to pass pleasant hours, day and night, in conversation in the district’s many authentic restaurants, bakeries, cafes and hookah lounges.

Dearborn Districts

World-Class Meets Right-Sized

Each of Dearborn’s eight districts has a destination-worthy character all its own.

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Plenty of transportation options make all of Dearborn accessible, no matter where you’re coming from or how you arrive.
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