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Downtown Dearborn Vision Plan

Springing from Dearborn’s Master Plan and Branding Dearborn initiative that developed a cohesive message and vision for the city, the Dearborn Downtown Development Authorities (DDA) are further defining how that vision applies specifically to Downtown Dearborn physically, socially, economically and environmentally from east to west and in between.

In 2021, stakeholders, businesses and residents provided input on the key goals of the Downtown Dearborn vision:

Feature an attractive mix of well-maintained historic and new buildings that create an authentic vibe. Bridge the gap to unite the two downtowns and their historic attributes across the physical, social, and psychological barriers that have divided them. Provide a safe, walkable environment that emphasizes people over cars. Present a vibrant, livable center with a variety of housing options and amenities. Attract top talent, cultivating innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. Leverage diverse cultural, historic, artistic amenities as a destination for tourists, students, and residents. Provide green, open, and active places for the public to connect, congregate, and recreate.View the draft vision plan here.