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Downtown Dearborn Design Guidelines

The design guidelines for Dearborn’s east and west downtowns are intended to promote the Dearborn Downtown Development Authorities’ (DDDA) set of expectations for building design. These guidelines were developed to complement the City of Dearborn’s zoning regulations to provide a graphic representation of their application and a set of guiding principles for rehabilitation and new building design. The design and construction of both new buildings and existing buildings should follow these recommendations to ensure East and West Downtown Dearborn maintain their vibrant, walkable, historic charm while blending new buildings into the fabric of the existing character. The intent of these design guidelines is to support the strategic vision of both the DDDA’s and the City of Dearborn’s Master Plan. Conformity with these guidelines will be used as a determining factor for the DDDA to award grants, including facade improvement and sign improvement grants.

Dearborn Design Guidelines