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Business Welcome Packet

Downtown Dearborn Drives Development


Welcome to Downtown Dearborn, home to over 300 innovative and unique businesses with flavors for all tastes from the best coffee from around the world to one-of-a-kind gifts and cutting-edge technology. You know us as the home to Ford Motor Company, The Henry Ford Museum and Carhartt, but we have so much more.  Downtown Dearborn is the perfect combination of city life energy and community belonging now that you set out to make your mark in the world.


Powered by its technical expertise, valuable network of contacts and ready access to pertinent information, Downtown Dearborn is able to assist businesses to get started and connected. Downtown Dearborn has access to professional resources offered in Dearborn, statewide and nationally for both technical and business assistance. Our resources make your site selection and business decisions easier.


The DDDA provides the data that tracks the number of consumers, market reach, and the image of Downtown Dearborn. We give businesses the tools and financial assistance they need to execute the deal, and we support your business through marketing, business contacts and market analysis.


Dearborn is a city that responds quickly to your business needs. You’ll find below a number of resources that will help you get started in Downtown Dearborn, and to continue growing for years to come.


DDA Resources


City of Dearborn Resources


Local & State Resources: