Homage to Black Excellence

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Homage to Black Excellence offers an opportunity to experience innovative initiatives through specially curated event experiences to begin in February 2021.  Each experience examines the past and present racial barriers in order to develop strategies that stimulate economic growth and prosperity for the entire community of East Downtown Dearborn and surrounding areas. Join us in a safe space to build a shared stronger future.

All programming is sponsored by the East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority.


Three main events will encompass our 2021 programming:

Art of Courage: Black Lives Matter 360 Exhibition

February 8, 2021 – February 8, 2022, in the Connector at City Hall Artspace, 13615  Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI

The “Art of Courage 360 Exhibition” will invite artists to lend their visual voices to the issue of police violence and racial injustice and unrest in African American communities across the nation that has been sparked by the Black Lives Matter Movement. The exhibition will be presented both virtually, and inside the Connector at City Hall Artspace including its public grounds in Dearborn, Michigan. It will comprise more than thirty works from a variety of visual art mediums. 

The series of ongoing educational programs will serve to honor life in the African American community, and explore how artists record and document this era of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Community Forum

Lived experiences of residents in Dearborn and surrounding communities will be shared through four virtual community forums, as well as a dialogue on what’s working, what’s in the works, and possible solutions for what’s not.  

The forums will be held on the third Saturday of each month from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. on the following topics and dates (click on past dates to view the recorded live program):

Due to the current status of public events, these forums will be held virtually. More details will be provided closer to the time of each event.


A survey is available to share your stories and experiences to help shape the narrative of the community forum topics. Take the Survey!

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Juneteenth Mobility Stroll & Roll

Saturday, June 19th from 10 AM – 2 PM – Beginning at Michigan & Schaefer in East Downtown Dearborn.

For too long in America the simple ease of mobility—one’s ability to move between different levels in society—was not a reality for African Americans. Their movement once restricted by the unjust Jim Crow laws of the South gave rise to the Great Migration to northern cities. By car, train, or bus and sometimes on foot, they went in search of better opportunities.

This new freedom of movement became a force to dismantle racial barriers and make a direct impact on the building up of wealth in African American communities that has stretched across generations. In celebration of those who journeyed so far, we present the Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll.

The Stroll and Roll, hosted by the East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority, is just one of several major events planned for 2021. A broad range of transportation modes that represent the current ways that we connect with one another, community and resources will include bikes, motorcycles, vespas, skateboards, scooters, autonomous cars, hybrid buses and walking.

The route will begin at Michigan Avenue and Schaefer and end at City Hall Park. Several stops are planned along the route. The Stroll and Roll will also have an array of fun activities geared toward all ages including a Kid’s Zone and a Mobility Zone as part of the attractions.

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