Dearborn Business Economic Impact Study of COVID-19

Small businesses in the Dearborn Downtown Development Authorities (DDAs) and throughout the City of Dearborn have felt it for almost a year. The pandemic has touched everyone and every business in our community. What has been the toll so far and how can we minimize its further impact? We want to help.


The Dearborn DDAs and City of Dearborn, in collaboration with the University of Michigan-Dearborn, are conducting an economic study of businesses throughout Dearborn in order to plan and implement market strategies to help businesses survive, sustain and grow from the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.  This study will gauge the impact of COVID-19 and livelihood of businesses from 2020 to now. It will also help to identify those in need of support and resources, and enable us to advocate for the business and financial needs with our local, state and national officials.

The survey aims to gather information from businesses regarding overall business health prior to, during and after the statewide “stay at home” executive order. Data collected will include things such as sales fluctuations, expenses, employment shifts, as well as changes in operating hours, online sales, business marketing and products this past year and projected. 

Most importantly, the Dearborn DDAs and City of Dearborn wish to gain an understanding of the financial support businesses received or didn’t receive, what resources are still needed and any lessons learned as you face similar disruptions in 2021.  


Take the Survey!


The U of M – Dearborn iLabs has built an online questionnaire with input from the City of Dearborn Economic and Community Development Department, the Dearborn DDA Executive Management Team and other community business stakeholders to help shape the nature and tone of the survey.


The University of Michigan-Dearborn will collect, aggregate, analyze and interpret the data and present the key findings and implications to the City and DDA in a summary report. Information collected from survey responses will be kept confidential.   


The survey is open from February 11 – February 24, 2021. The analysis will be completed by April 2021.