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East Downtown

A community-minded, creative and multicultural hub of activity.

East Downtown

East Downtown Dearborn is centered on several diverting, walkable blocks of Michigan Avenue extending both east and west from the Smithsonian-affiliated Arab American National Museum and the nationally recognized City Hall Artspace Lofts across the street. With art showings, galleries and events, East Downtown Dearborn’s vision of arts and culture is catching on. At the same time, century-old storefronts are home to a lively array of new shops and restaurants, and nearby neighborhoods create a feeling of close-knit accessibility for families of all ages and backgrounds. Ongoing improvements to Michigan Avenue between Dearborn and Detroit also make East Downtown Dearborn a great place to keep tabs on all that’s happening down the street in The D.

Dearborn Districts

World-Class Meets Right-Sized

Each of Dearborn’s eight districts has a destination-worthy character all its own.

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Plenty of transportation options make all of Dearborn accessible, no matter where you’re coming from or how you arrive.
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