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Civic District

Destinations that anchor Dearborn’s civic and cultural life.

Civic District

Connecting Dearborn’s pedestrian-friendly East and West Downtowns, the Civic District is home to the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, the iconic Henry Ford Centennial Library, the Dearborn Administrative Center (Dearborn’s new “City Hall”), Dearborn Police Headquarters and other public service facilities. One cannot missThe Civic District is also home to the sleek, minimalist, 12-story Ford World Headquarters, popularly known as the Glass House, and its expanse of sunflowers that welcome passersby on Michigan Avenue.Together, they contribute to the clear impression of Dearborn as a place providing big-city amenities within a small, vibrant package.

Dearborn Districts

World-Class Meets Right-Sized

Each of Dearborn’s eight districts has a destination-worthy character all its own.

Getting Around

Plenty of transportation options put all of Dearborn within easy reach of the Civic District.
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